What to do if your Facebook business page has been hacked

What to do if your Facebook page has been hacked

If you suspect your Facebook Business Page has been hacked, immediate and carefully thought-through action is crucial.

If you suspect your page has been hacked establishing a risk management strategy is essential for safeguarding your business, your customers, and your online reputation. This guide provides insights and actionable steps to mitigate these risks.

Signs your Facebook business page may be hacked

Unusual activity: Unauthorised posts, messages, or comments appearing on your page.
Login issues: Difficulty logging into your account or receiving notifications about unrecognised login attempts.
Changes to settings: Modifications to your page information, contact details, or admin roles without your knowledge.

Action steps if your page is hacked

Step 01: Immediate actions

  • Document exactly what has happened as soon as you identify there is a problem. You may need this information to help recover your account.
  • Review all page information, admin roles, and linked accounts for any unauthorised changes.
  • If possible secure your account immediately by changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
  • Attempt to regain access using Facebook’s account recovery options. You will find links that may be of help near the end of this article. It is strongly advised that you search Facebooks Help Centre for up-to-date information on how to do this. You may also find links on your page.

Step 02: Communicate with customers

  • Inform your customers about the hack and advise them not to interact with the compromised page. You will need to do this via email, face-to-face, phone or other means, as you will be unable to do this via your Facebook page.
  • If possible provide a temporary communication channel (e.g., website, other social media) until the issue is resolved.

Step 03: Review and strengthen security measures:

  • Conduct a thorough review of your security settings to identify and undo unauthorised changes where possible.
  • Implement stronger security protocols like complex passwords, 2FA, and limited admin access to prevent future breaches.

Step 03: Consider disabling the compromised page

  • If regaining control is difficult, consider disabling the compromised page to prevent further damage. You may need to contact Facebook support to do this.

What next?

Option 01: Create a new page THEN disable the hacked page

  • You may need to name it a temporary name if your business name is being utilised under the old account
  • You may need to contact Facebook to gain access to the old account so you can disable it correctly.

Option 02: Disable the hacked page THEN create a new page.

Option 03: Secure access to the hacked page and work with Facebook to ensure the page is safe to continue using. This option is preferable if you have built up followers and reviews.

Why you shouldn’t abandon a hacked page

While it may seem easier to abandon a hacked page you need to be aware of the potential risks before making this decision.

Loss of established audience

  • You’ll lose existing followers and the brand recognition associated with the old page.
  • Building a new audience from scratch takes significant time and effort.

Customer confusion

  • Customers accustomed to the old page may not be aware of the new one, leading to confusion.
  • If hackers post scammy or misleading content on the old page, customers may think it’s legitimate and fall victim to scams.

Security risks

  • Leaving a potentially hacked page active poses a threat to the security of your customers and community.
  • Hackers could use the compromised page to post harmful or fraudulent content, damaging your brand’s reputation and risking legal consequences.

Risk to admin security

  • Leaving a hacked page active poses a threat to the security of the admins. Hackers could access admin details stored in the account settings, leading to further security breaches.

Focus on regaining control of the page

Work with Facebook to regain access to your compromised page. Utilise Facebook’s account recovery options. You will need to do your own research into how to do this to ensure you have up to date information. As at writing this document you may find these two links helpful:

www.facebook.com/hacked to report and recover the account.

Please note that Facebook is not always prompt at responding. You may need to be persistent and if you do not hear anything within a couple of days, try logging your concerns again… and keep doing this every few days if necessary. Also emphasise that the matter is urgent if the opportunity arises.


By following these recommendations, you can maintain your established audience, minimise confusion, and protect your customers, community, and admins from potential security threats.

A hacked Facebook business page can be stressful, but by following these steps, you can regain control, minimise damage, and maintain a secure online presence for your business.

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