Love My Greece

 Love My Greece Art Retreats is owned by Sue MacDougall. Sue takes small groups of guests on art and cultural retreats to the Greek island, Aegina.

Brand refresh (new logo, colours, business card, updated brochure and updated all social media accounts) | Website | Copywriting | Social media (strategy and content creation; copy, reels and tiles) Client onboarding strategy and documentation (development of booking process, copywriting for email templates, and design of forms, welcome pack and other documents)Setup of email campaign account on Mailchimp with a basic templateBranded social media accounts (Facebook cover image, tiles etc)

Love My Greece Logo Design

Project overview

I first worked with Sue to do a basic refresh of her existing Sue MacDougall Art website. Next, we worked on a comprehensive rebranding of her Love My Greece Art Retreat business. Initially, we focused on defining the target markets and refining the brand’s voice, messaging and story. This new identity was extended to a redesigned website, a new social media strategy, and other marketing tools.

The rebranding of Love My Greece Art Retreat was a comprehensive project. I began with a thorough review of the business’s existing branding, marketing, and online presence, identifying critical areas for improvement. Together, we prioritised these updates based on urgency, budget, and available time resources, ensuring a strategic approach to enhance the overall impact of the brand.”

Additionally, I developed a new client onboarding strategy, including planning and creating email templates and essential documents such as terms and conditions and a welcome pack. This strategy was implemented to ensure a professional and seamless client intake experience.

The goal was to refine and professionalise Love My Greece’s public image, enhancing brand presentation without changing its core essence. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with notable improvements in professionalism and brand coherence.

This comprehensive approach has not only enhanced the visual and operational aspects of Love My Greece but also streamlined client interactions and improved overall brand consistency.