Promoting your business successfully

This article has been written on the assumption the necessary market research has been carried out and a business plan has been completed. These two steps will have helped you identity that there is a demand for your product or service (or not!), helped you develop a good understanding of your target market and reassured you that the numbers stack up.

1. Get the basics right first

You often only get one chance to make a good impression. Before you rush into promoting your business make sure you, your products and services, your staff and all other key elements of your business are ready to be promoted. This will ensure you maximise the return on your efforts and expenses. The last thing you want is to invest resources such as time, staff and money into a promotional strategy and then find that things go wrong that could have been avoided – resulting in loss of confidence in your product or service.

  • Test and check your products carefully to make sure they are in the perfect condition for promoting to your target market.
  • Establish how you want to talk about your products and services. Convey this to any others who will be involved in the sales and promotion of your business. Practice talking about your products and services with other members of your team, your family, friends and trust business associates.
  • If you operate from a physical premises make sure everything is well presented, clean, tidy and will appeal to your target market. Keep any work vehicles clean and well presented where possible. Keep the outside area of your business clean and tidy.
  • Make sure you and other team members involved are ready and see this as a positive step. It just isn’t possible to be at your best when you are tired, feeling under pressure and see your promotional efforts as a ‘oh no, not another thing I have to do’. This is even more applicable for your staff. You need need to be 110% on board and need the rest of the team to be right there with you in order to get the best results.

2. Establish a ‘brand’ for your business

How you approach your brand depends on what you want to get from your business now and in the future and the nature of your product and services. There are businesses out there that for one reason or another survive with no thought to their brand. They whip together a ‘logo’ in microsoft word, get the local copy centre to print out a few cards and their friend to build a free website. Maybe your business is one of them.

and their mate to get the newspaper to make up a newspaper advert, the yellow pages to make  brand or a very basicyou need to of your business such as your promotional material, brand, online presence are ready to be creative and think outside the square
There are many, many ways you can effectively promote and market your products and services. Often we get so tied up in the day to day operations that we forgot to