Key words and phrases

Key words and key phrases play an important role in whether your website will be found easily or not by your target market. There are many places that they can be applied to help your site rank well including headlines, copy and image titles.

The challenge is in figuring out what key words and/or key phrases your target market use to search for your product or service and deciding on how specific you want to be.

You are close to your product or service and may ‘think’ your target market will use a specific term to find you. In reality your target market doesn’t know your product as intimately as you do so are likely to use something quite different to describe your product as what you would first think.

A perfect example is our industry. We automatically think that if someone needs our services they will google ‘graphic design’ or ‘brand creation’. There are many business professionals that will use these key phrases but there are also many that wont. Some may search for ‘logo design’ or ‘printing business cards’.

We will provide further information to this article in the future. In the meantime we suggest you spend some time researching key words and key phrases to learn more about how this can impact on the success of your website… and in other areas of your marketing.