Positioning statements

A positioning statement is a short sentence or statement that helps people understand what you do and conveys the benefits they will get from using your products or services. It usually accompanies most of your marketing material.

It is strongly suggested that you develop a positioning statement for your business.

We can help you with creating the right positioning statement or you can do this yourself. If you choose to have us do it for you it is helpful if you put some time into thinking about this yourself as well and perhaps come up with some draft ideas. Going through this process yourself encourages you to really think about your products or services, your target market and what your business is all about.

We intend to add further information to this page explaining positioning statements in more detail in the future. For now, if you would like to find out more information on this subject we suggest you spent some time researching positioning statements and taglines on the internet. It may even help you get some ideas for your business.