The importance of applying your logo consistently

Your logo forms the main visual link to your business

A consistent brand or visual identity is a strong and powerful marketing tool and your logo is the foundation of the rest of your business visual identity. It is the element that links all your marketing material together and is the ‘face’ of your products or services from a visual identity point of view. People become familiar with your logo, often without really knowing they have, which means they instantly recognise your business and often even experience ‘feelings’ about your business (hopefully good ones!) when they see your logo. Just think of the ‘Golden Arches’ – for those of you who enjoy McDonalds your mouth will almost start watering at the very thought.

Get your logo out there everywhere

The ideal situation is to get your logo out there everywhere (vehicle, uniforms, advertising material etc). This helps when you send out other marketing material as the more often a person sees a brand element, the more likely they are to think of your business when they need your services or products.

Always apply your logo fully intact and consistently

Once you have had your logo professionally designed, your logo should be applied fully intact, and consistently at all times. Using ‘bits’ of a logo is not recommended if your intention is to create a strong, instantly recognisable brand.

Your logo provides the opportunity for your target market to link your business to an advert or flyer they see – a week, a month or 6 months down the track. If you change or take away this ‘visual link’ to your business in your marketing or promotional material, you run the risk of confusing your target market.