Stationery (letterhead, invoices, forms etc)

Letterhead, compliment slips, invoices, forms…

These all provide further opportunities for you to promote your product or services, they all ‘set the example’ to some degree as to the quality of your product or service and are often not given the attention they deserve.


Letterhead can be a very flexible piece of stationery. It can be used for the obvious – letters, but also as a fax header sheet, for printing invoices on, for writing reports. Before we design your letterhead we talk to you about the potential uses you might have for it to ensure the design will allow you to use the letterhead as you would like.

Perhaps you want to use your letterhead for invoices as well as for letters. In this case we would make sure we did not put any design elements at the bottom of the letter and can organise for a print run of say 500 with 250 perforated at the bottom just where your tear off remittance slip should be.

Perhaps you write a few reports and want to use your letterhead as the cover sheet for these reports, and the reports might be bound on the left margin at times. We would work the design around this so the letterhead is suitable for the dual purpose required.

Compliments slips

We managed to operate this business for over a year without the need for compliments slips then one day we had to post something to a client and wanted to put a note in with the package. A business card didn’t have enough room and there wasn’t time to type a formal letter. The only option we had was some personal flowery note paper or a piece of plain A4 paper. As soon as we had posted the package, we quickly designed a compliments slip and had 50 printed – just as well that we did this as have needed them several times since then.

Some businesses will have a greater need for compliments slips than others. Most businesses will have at least an occasional need for them. Whether it is for putting a quick personal note in with an invoice going to a special client you want to thank, or to write a note and clip to forms you need a client to complete and sign. You might even find that you need a bulk run of compliments printed with a ‘special’ message on them – perhaps to go in with your invoices to letting your customers know you will be closed for two weeks over the Christmas period, or thanking them for their patience while you were renovating.


If you do not have well designed invoices that are branded consistently with the rest of your brand then you are missing out on an opportunity to get your brand out there and to show that you operate a professional business that takes care of the details. It doesn’t take much to put your logo on your invoices and tidy them up a bit. Often your accounting software will allow you to add your logo to your invoice and if not you can get invoice paper pre-printed with your logo on it. If you want to talk about the various options you are welcome to give us a call.


Forms are another piece of stationery that gets forgotten when it comes to brand. As with your invoices, you are missing an opportunity to further promote your business in a positive way if your forms are not branded and are scruffy and badly laid out. Often it is just a case of us working with your existing forms to rearrange and tweak elements so they look more professional and are easier to complete. For a relatively small investment your forms can turn into useful marketing tools.

Small runs

These days you don’t have to get 500 letterhead and 500 compliment slips printed. We can professionally design your compliment slips for sometimes as low as $50 +gst and then we can print a small run of just 20, 30 or 50 for you ‘just in case’, or if you have a decent ink jet printer we can supply you with the file and you can print and trim them yourself for when you need them. We caution you on considering the last option – make sure your printer is of a good quality, printing out stationery with lines, blotches and in colours that are not consistent with your brand can do more harm than not having them at all.