Promotional material

Take advantage of every opportunity to get your business name and logo out there

We can organise a variety of branded promotional material for you to further promote your business and help you with ideas on how to best use this type of material.

Branded give-away items

The options are endless; pens, note pads, sun visors for the car, umbrellas… and much more. Many of these things are relatively inexpensive and can be a wonderfully effective way to promote your services or products.

Perhaps you have a workshop coming up where you know there will be 20 or 30 people in attendance – why not pop your business card with a branded pen clipped to it on each of the seats before the workshop starts? Do get permission to do this from the workshop facilitator first. How about thanking your clients at Christmas with a branded sun visor for their car.

When considering this option as a way to further promote your business do be careful in considering what level of quality is appropriate. If you provide a high-end, high quality service then handing out cheap pens that fall apart after 5 minutes may do more damage than good. With objects such as sun visors or umbrellas you want the recipient to use these products so it might be more appropriate to place your logo in a subtle way, so it is seen but not splashed across the entire object.

Promote your business yourself

Planning a day at the beach? Does your car get parked on a busy road while you are at work all day? Why not use a branded sun visor to remind those walking or driving past who you are? In this case you can and should splash your logo across the entire object. Get your logo put on t-shirts, caps and other apparel if you wear the same sort of clothing each day – perhaps apply your brand to a few t-shirts that you can wear ‘casually’ during the weekends.

Name badges

Name badges are an inexpensive way to remind people of who you are. Not only are name badges helpful for promoting your business, they also provide a professional touch to your personal presentation. Don’t take your name badge off once you have finished work; keep it on when you are doing the grocery shopping or running personal errands on your way home.


Another inexpensive way to promote your brand and provide that professional touch is to have a stamp handy that has your logo and perhaps your website and contact details on it. Stamps are great for small businesses who don’t have much of a need for branded envelopes – just stamp your details on the back of the envelope before posting.