The quality of your printed material reflects the quality of the products or services you provide

We can put all the time in the world into designing the perfect brand and marketing material for your business, but if the print quality of this material is poor the integrity of your brand is likely to be compromised.

A high level of knowledge and expertise is necessary to ensure a good outcome when it comes to printing. We work alongside the print industry every day. We know the industry well and we know how to achieve the right results when it comes to printing.

There are several ways we can approach the printing of your marketing material. The best way for you will depend on your level of experience and knowledge of the print industry.

Option 1: We organise and manage your printing for you

If you choose this option we will organise quotes for you, choose the best printing method for your job, select the right paper, choose the most appropriate printer and work with the printer to ensure the end result is right. In most cases this is the preferred option to ensure a quality end result. With this option we charge a print management fee which varies depending on the type of job.

Option 2: You organise and manage your own printing

We do have clients who already had a good relationship with an existing printer and a lot of experience in managing their own print jobs when they came to us and wish to continue to managing and organising their own printing. There is a certain point where we will still need to get involved and work with the printer to ensure the files and information we provide them with is appropriate for their needs. We charge for any time spent working with the printer at our hourly rate.

Option 3: You organise and manage some aspects of the printing and we help where required

This option can work well in some cases as it provides a degree of flexibility. It does have to be carefully managed to ensure no confusion occurs from the side of the printer as they will be receiving instructions from two different parties. We charge our time out at our hourly rate.