The humble logo – your logo is the most valuable and the most important thing to get right when it comes to your visual brand

Need a new logo?

There is a process we work through when creating a logo for a business to ensure the final result is a logo that is unique to the business and its products or services, and is the best solution for the target market.

By the time we do the necessary research, develop the initial concept, source the appropriate font, establish the most appropriate colour for your brand and carry out the necessary technical requirements once the logo is complete, it can take six to eight hours or more to create a logo. For more detailed information on this process please read of our ‘Designing Logos’ article. If you want to find out more about what a logo does for your business have a look at our article on the value of a logo.

Already have an idea of what you want your logo to look like and need help realising this vision?

We sometimes have business owners coming to us who have an idea of how they feel their logo should look and need help producing it. This is something we are happy to do and it often results in the perfect solution for the business.

Because our first priority is doing what is best for the success of your business, if we feel your ideas may need further refinement or may not be the best solution for your business we will advise you of this and give you the option of continuing with your ideas or allowing us to pursue new ideas.

Have an existing logo that just needs a bit of a tidy up?

You may already have a logo that has the right general look and feel for your business but it just needs a bit of a tidy to give it a more professional and quality finish. You first need to make sure your existing logo really is right for your business. Be objective when making this decision – for a little more cost you could have a brand new logo that is perfect for your business rather than just adequate. We can help you with this decision. Our policy is to never recommend our clients invest in something that we don’t feel they need. If we think your existing logo is fine or just needs a little tidy up we will let you know. We are here to help you grow their businesses – not encourage you to spend your precious budget on things you don’t need.