Consultancy services

It takes more than having a great brand and the right marketing tools to be successful in business

Having a the right brand and marketing material for your business is a great start but unless you know how to get the most from these tools, your investment may turn out to be a cost.

We can work with you to help you look at ways you can generate more customers and sales. This can be a one-off one hour meeting, or a series of meetings, depending on your requirements.

Does your product or service measure up to your visual brand and marketing tools?

Is the quality and presentation of your brand and marketing tools consistent with the quality and presentation of the rest of your business and its products or services?

So you have invested in a great brand that is perfect for your business.

You have a professionally designed logo, a business card with the wow factor, high quality brochures that tell your prospective clients all about the amazing products or services you offer, and have started an advertising campaign that has been professionally developed and designed. Great! And, look, your first customer has just arrived at your door. Perfect – your investment is paying off. The customer comes into your premises, a little bit hesitantly, has a look around… picks up one of your products perhaps or you approach them and start to talk to them about the services you offer… the prospective customer listens until you have finished, politely says thanks and walks back out again. Why?

Perhaps your new brand and marketing tools have resulted in an appointment with a potential client. You arrive at the appointment and spend an hour with the client discussing your services. At the end of the meeting they say, thanks, we will get back to you if we are interested… and you never hear from them again. Why?

There are many reasons why your prospective customers might get all the way to your door, or even in your door and then walk away. As part of the brand creation and development process we can help you to identify areas in your business that may need further attention in order for your brand and marketing tools to work more effectively. In some cases all it takes is one meeting to quickly run through areas of your business that we have identified as potential problems.

In other cases it might involve a series of meetings where we work through the areas that may affect the effectiveness of your brand and marketing material together, one at a time. Often these things are small and easy to fix. Sometimes it is ‘things’ that need looking at, other times it might be that a change in your approach in to how you do certain things is needed. Sometimes a longer term solution is required where perhaps we might suggest you consider working with a business coach or mentor.

Making your brand and marketing tools work for you – you need to know how and where to use these tools to be able to get the most from them.

There are many ways you can market and promote your business. We can help you be clever with your marketing tools so you get the most out of them. You may just require a one hour consultation where we provide an overview of some more creative ways you can market your business that you can go away and build on further. In some cases, it may be more helpful to have a series of meetings where we go into these ideas in more detail and perhaps work with you to implement these ideas.