Business cards

The business card – something no business owner should be without!

The humble little business card can be a very powerful marketing tool and is something that is greatly under appreciated and under valued by many business operators. For such a tiny thing it has so much potential as a way to further promote and market your business.

Usually the business card is the second piece of brand collateral to be created, once the logo is complete. The business card design provides the basis for the general look and feel for the rest of your brand and marketing collateral. As with all your marketing material it MUST be consistent with everything else such as colours, fonts, the inclusion and placement of additional graphical elements etc.

Make the most of two sides

Take notice next time you hand out your business card. We can pretty much guarantee that most people will look at the front then turn it over to see what is written on the back. If your card is blank on the back you have you have reduced the time the person will handle your card, the longer they hold and look at your card the more likely they will remember it and you… and you have missed a potential opportunity to tell people a little more about your services or products.

What and how much information you put on the back depends on many things and is something we would discuss in the initial stages of planning your business card. It could be just a word or a picture that gets the person thinking and is memorable… it could be bullet points outlining the main services you offer… perhaps you are located in a hard to find place so a map of how to get to your premises might be the most appropriate item to put on the back.

Take your cards everywhere you go

I have a stash of cards everywhere – in my car, in ‘all’ my hand bags, in pockets of jackets… there is nothing more frustrating than being out somewhere and wanting to exchange business cards and you suddenly realise you have run out.

Be creative in getting your business cards ‘out there’

Perhaps the local store will let you leave a pile on their counter or your bottle store has a notice board where people can pin their cards. When you are out and about keep an eye out for places you can leave a few of your cards.

Invest in the wow factor

There are literally hundreds of ways you can ‘pimp’ your card so it stands out from the crowd. Sometimes at very little cost and other times, yes it will cost more but the end result can be well worth it if when you give your cards to people it helps them to remember you and want to use your services and products.