Signage – building and vehicle

Once you have made the initial investment, if it is done right, you will reap the benefits from your signage for years to come.

Visually consistent and professionally designed signage

It is important that your signage be visually consistent with the rest of your marketing material and well designed so it looks professional and is eye catching. This is where we come in.

Making and erecting your signage is not what we do, we leave that to the experts, the signwriters themselves. Your signage is an investment. Our expertise is in designing your signage so it looks right and you get the most out of your investment. Have a look around – the difference between signage that has been designed by a design professional and signage that hasn’t is pretty obvious. Even something simple like just placing your logo on a space needs to be carefully thought out to ensure the logo is not so large that it appears as though it is ‘falling’ off the space and is crowded, not too small, has the right font and colours etc.

How we do it

The first thing we do is take a photograph of where the signage is going to be placed; it could be your vehicle, the front of your building, inside your building entrance. We then design a visual of your signage on the photograph, to scale, and present that to you so you can see what the finished product will look like. It is easier to move elements around that may not be quite in the right position in our graphics software than it is once the signage has been finished!

Once you have signed off the design we present this to the signwriter to replicate and work with them to make sure it is replicated as accurately as possible. For a more detailed overview of this process have a look at our article on planning and designing signage.

We can organise the signwriter for you or work with your existing signwriter

We have a number of local signwriters that we work with, depending on what is required and the budget. Using us to manage your sign writing ensures you are getting the best result for your needs as we provide impartial advice on what you need – and find the best signwriter for your particular job. We are happy to work with your signwriter if you already have someone you have confidence and trust in.