Brochures and flyers

Do you need brochures to help market your products?

Not many businesses can get by without at least some sort of brochure to hand out to potential customers wanting more information about the products or services they offer.

Yes, you can sit and talk to potential customers about your products or services but at the end of the day, the chances of the person remembering the key points, features and benefits of your products or services are slim.

The ideal situation is that you do both – talk to them about what you have to offer then provide them with a brochure to take away that will reinforce and remind them of why they need your products or services. The ideal scenario is that you make the sale there and then but that is not always possible or appropriate so when it isn’t a brochure is the perfect way to help reinforce all that you have said.

But I have a website – why do I need a brochure as well?

Perhaps you have a website – why can’t you just direct them to that? Well you can and of course your website will have much more detailed information about your products or services than could ever fit on a brochure BUT how can you be sure they will bother to visit your site? They might walk out the door, get busy with other things and completely forget that they were going to do this – by giving them a brochure to take away with them it acts as a tangible reminder.

Other uses for brochures and flyers

  • Bulk mailouts to your existing client database: One thing we often notice is business operators investing in marketing material to try and capture new customers when they have a wonderful database full of names and addresses of past and present customers who already often know and understand the products or services. Sending out brochures with invoices promoting new products or specials, or perhaps seasonal promotions can be a cost effective way to tap into your existing client base.
  • Bulk mailouts via NZ post: This method of advertising can be a very effective way for some businesses to promote their products or services – but it has to be done the right way and it doesn’t work for everyone. There are quite a few options; post box deliveries, rural, urban. How this is done and if it should be done depends on your products or services and your target market. We can help you work through this to see if it is something that might work for your business.
  • Leaving in brochure stands: If you operate from an office or shop then you have the perfect opportunity to sit brochures in places where your customers can take them away and learn more about your products or services. Perhaps you provide a service to health professionals or physios – you may be able to leave your brochures in medical centers, doctors surgeries or the physio practices. Be creative and think outside the square.
  • Networking, conferences, workshops and other places where groups gather: As with your business cards, it is helpful to have a pile of brochures in your car, brief case, hand bag etc ‘just in case’. Handing out a business card AND a brochure is better than just a business card – look for opportunities where you can do this.
  • To provide more information for products or services at purchase time: Pop a brochure in with the product just purchased, or hand out a brochure after providing a service. This will remind the customer of the wonderful things the product does or reinforce the main points of the service you provided. In addition, include additional information in the brochure on other products or services your customer might be interested in – this is a great way to further promote your products or services.
  • To provide more information about services you are already providing to your customer: Providing a professionally designed and printed brochure outlining information that is helpful to your clients can benefit them by making the process clearer and benefit you as it instils confidence in your client that you pay attention to detail and reassures them that you are a professional business operator.

These are just some of the ways a brochure can help to further promote your product or service.

All shapes and sizes

As with business cards there are literally hundreds of ways to create amazing brochures that catch attention and effectively promote your products or services. Sometimes the right image can do it, or a catchy headline or perhaps a specialty stock. The great thing is that there is usually a solution for all budgets.