Brand development

Refreshing and tidying your 
existing visual identity

Perhaps your logo and colours are great but the rest of your marketing material is starting to lose consistency. Perhaps your logo needs some adjustment to give it a more polished and professional look… or perhaps is just time for a change!

Every now and again it pays to sit back and take an objective look at your brand and marketing material. We see our own brand and marketing material every day which means we can become too familiar with it and not realise that it is looking a bit tired, tatty and dated. Have a look at your competitor’s brand and marketing material – does your brand and marketing material measure up? If it does, can you be even better? Like everything, your brand has a maximum life span – make sure your brand isn’t past it.

Another situation we often come across is where a business owner had a ‘friend down the road’ design their logo, or perhaps designed their logo and marketing material themselves. Again, look at your brand and marketing material objectively. You are operating a business and you want your business to succeed – now is not the time to be sentimental over the little logo you lovingly slaved over for hours on end if it isn’t right for your target market or doesn’t convey the professional look and feel that every serious business operator should be striving for.

As with creating a new brand, before we do any work on your existing brand we need to develop an understanding of your business. To enable us to do this we will carry out an initial business assessment. Once this has been done we will work with you to identify what needs to be changed or updated.

Refreshing and tidying an existing brand is often carried out over a period of time depending on your budget and whether you have existing marketing material that needs to be used up first.