Brand creation

Creating a new visual identity
 or look for your business

This can include the creation of logos, stationery, marketing material, promotional material, building signage, vehicle signage, websites – anything you need to promote your products or services

Before you read any further, you may find it helpful to have a look at the article on understanding brand to help give you an understanding of what brand means in the context of this website and the services we offer. The perception of the word ‘brand’ and what it refers to can vary greatly from person to person.

The right brand can mean the difference between success and failure

In many cases, the right brand for your business and products or services, means the difference between success and failure. Yes – brand is THAT important to your business – you need to make sure it is right. For a relatively small investment compared to the overall potential lifelong value of your business you can’t afford to take chances. Having the right brand wont sell a product or service that is failing in other areas but the right brand for your target market is necessary to help capture that market.

Understanding your business

Before we start work on creating a brand, or do any work for you, we first need to develop an understanding of your business. To enable us to do this we carry out a business assessment. How we do this depends on each individual situation.


One of the most important aspects of a strong, effective brand is consistency. The real value of your brand comes from the cumulative effect of all your brand and marketing material working together – for this to happen everything must have a consistent look and feel. This means that your business card should have the same look and feel as your yellow pages adverts, your building signage and your vehicle signage. When we build your brand we manage all these things for you ensuring your brand integrity is kept intact.

On a tight budget?

A challenge for small businesses just starting out is budget. We recognise this and we want to see you start your business the right way with a professionally developed and consistent brand. We will do everything we can to work around your budget to ensure you have the most important elements at start up. We can look at ways in which you can do things yourself to help keep your costs down, and look at ways you can market your business a minimal cost or no cost.

Please keep in mind that whilst we will work with you within your budget where possible, it takes time to create the right brand for a business so your budget does need to allow for this.