If your advertisements are not consistent with the rest of your brand, and with each other, you are not making the most of your precious advertising and marketing budget

The most successful results from advertising come from the cumulative effect of all your advertising and promotional material working together over time.

It is very rare that a new business can place one advert in the paper then sit back and enjoy a steady, ongoing flow of customers from that one advert.

How advertising often works

Here is a possible scenario of what often happens…

Lets say you are a veterinary clinic. You have placed an advert in the local paper and a potential customer ‘may’ spot that advert as they are browsing through the newspaper (how can they miss the cute little kittens!) and have a quick scan of it. A few days/weeks/months later they may be browsing through the paper again and see your advert again or be out and about and see a flyer promoting your services.

One day their best friend Burt the dog gets hurt. In a panic they pick up the yellow pages to find a vet. There are two things that can happen, depending on how you have approached your advertising.

If every advert and brochure you did had a completely, or in some cases just a slightly different, look and feel (after all, the paper did your advert for free) the dog owner is very unlikely to link those advertisements with the yellow pages advert that again looks completely different. They will probably pick the first advert that catches their attention… it might be yours, it might not.

If every advert and brochure you did had the exact same look and feel, as soon as the dog owner opens the yellow pages and starts flicking through they will be more likely to instantly recognise your business and call you as your business has started to feel ‘familiar’ to them.

Even if they didn’t really even read your advert – they may have just caught sight of it from the corner of their eye as they were reading something else – this can still help them to link the two together and call you instead of your competitor. This one situation could mean the difference between getting a new, lifelong customer and perhaps their friends and family in the medium to long term – or not. It also means that you may have just wasted several thousand dollars in advertising if your advertisements look different from the rest of your marketing material.

How we can help you make the most of your advertising budget

There is a common misconception that getting your advertisements professionally designed will cost a lot. As with everything, often the more you invest the better the results will be with advertising. It means you can do larger advertisements in full colour on the front page, we can spend more time on coming up with creative ideas to really catch attention and you can repeat them more often. For some businesses it is well worth them investing a good chunk of their marketing budget into achieving the right advertising strategy – for various reasons, for some businesses it isn’t.

There are ways we can help you keep your advertising costs down but still have an effective and consistent advertising strategy. One way that we do this is by designing an advert template that we use as a base for all your advertising and marketing. This means you spend less on the design as often we just need to quickly resize the advert and make a few changes to the copy.

There are right and wrong ways to go about advertising

If you are not managing your advertising in the right way then you are not making the most of your advertising and marketing budget. We can provide assistance and advice on how you can make your marketing and advertising more effective and maximise the chances of your advertising working for you. If you would like to know more about how we can help in this area please contact us.