I provide a range of brand and marketing services to help businesses promote and market their products and services effectively.

Below is an overview of the services I offer. For more detailed information on my specific services please refer to my list of services in the sidebar.

Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to brand and marketing, therefore I do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution. My pricing varies depending on your requirements, your budget and the nature of your business. For information on pricing please contact me.

New brands

I work with businesses to create and implement their brand strategy. The process can include developing your brand story, through to creating and producing your marketing collateral. I can create and produce everything you need from your logo, through to your stationery, building signage, vehicle signage, websites, brochures – anything you need to promote your products or services.

Refresh and updating existing brands

Businesses grow and change as do consumers and the market. It is important that you constantly monitor your brand to keep it up to date with your target market and the products or services you provide. I work with businesses to refresh and update their brand.

You may have overlooked the importance of brand when starting out and now realise that for your business to be taken seriously you need to implement a professional brand strategy.

Your business and target market may have changed over the years and it is time to update your brand to more effectively meet these changes and reach your target market.

Perhaps what started out as a strong, consistent brand has over time become tired, scruffy and inconsistently applied through lack of management and monitoring.

… or perhaps it is just time for a change!

Managing your brand, marketing material and website

If you have already have the right brand in place and a website I can provide a cost effective service to continue the ongoing management and development of your brand and website. I will work with the brand to ensure the integrity of your visual identity is maintained and consistently applied across all existing and new marketing and promotional material.

This can include design, print management, copywriting, updating your website, performing SEO tasks on your website, social media, photography, managing your advertising needs, working with you to implement your brand and marketing strategy… anything you don’t have time to do yourself.

For those businesses who don’t have the need or budget for a full time marketing professional we provide the help that you need – when you need it.

I often assist the marketing team within businesses who have grown to the point where they need additional help but are not quite ready to employ an additional team member.

For those businesses who require regular ongoing assistance and are happy to commit to a set amount of hours per week/month I offer special discounted rates. You can find out more about this here.

Websites and online marketing

I specialise in creating small to medium sized websites. As well as planning, designing and building your website I can work with you to establish and implement your online marketing strategy. This can include SEO strategies, electronic newsletters, social media and ongoing management plans for your website.

Brand strategy and development for small business

Brand is just as important to the ongoing success of small businesses. Unfortunately it is also one of the most common things small business owners fail to consider when developing their business. Implementing a brand strategy should be done right and right from the start but it is always better late than never.

I can work with you to implement a brand strategy that fits within your budget. First I focus on getting the basics in place including a professionally designed logo, business card and any other must have marketing material. I then develop a plan for introducing additional aspects of your brand over time as and when your budget allows.