Trade Mark your logo

You invest time, effort and money into building a brand – make sure you protect your investment by trademarking it.

At the very least trademark your logo and before you decide on a name spend some time looking into whether your name and brand is unique.

The legal requirements and costs vary from country to country. This site is primarily focused on the New Zealand based business. We strongly urge you to visit IPONZ and find out more about this if you are a New Zealand based business.

This is not something that is done by many businesses, particularly small businesses – it should be. For a relatively small cost you are protecting a potentially large investment. From what we have been told, you have more protection over your brand in New Zealand by trademarking your business name and logo than registering your business as a limited liability company.

We suggest you to seek legal advice on what you should do in this area if you are uncertain, or at least do some research yourself to find out more.